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A dream odyssey into the world of the woman who waited 20 years for her bloke to return.

When Odysseus (famous for his appearances in the Odyssey, Joyce’s Ulysses, and several blockbuster movies) goes to war, Penelope sits at home and weaves for twenty years. Little is known of that time - there’s something about a squadron of suitors - but now ‘Punkt comes along to reveal what the loneliest woman in Classical history dreamed about.


Whimsical, witty, and irreverent, ’Punkt Presents Penelope is a mix of classical and popular, a blend of perspectives, and a cocktail of mediums all in pursuit of an unexpectedly fun night at the theatre.


'The company riffs intelligently and wittily on Joyce’s ‘Ulysses’ and Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ but they wear the high-culture references so lightly, get in and out in less than an hour, and left me wanting to see more from this excellent acting troupe.’

(London Pub Theatres)

'I applaud Punkt for a brave experiment and view them as an energetic company with ideas on how to make our classics more relevant.'

(A Younger Theatre)

‘Fantastical, economical and beautiful.’

(London Pub Theatres)



Etcetera Theatre, London – 19 & 20 July 2019

The Yard, London – 29 August 2019

N/A: New Artists Festival, Theatre Deli, London – 21 September 2019


Abigail Hirsch, Aida Rocci, Antonia Georgieva (The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2019 and 2020), Faezah Zulkifli (The Courtyard Theatre, 2019), Isabella Routley (The Courtyard Theatre 2019, The Lion and Unicorn 2019), Oliver McFadden, Rachel Copel (The Courtyard Theatre, 2019) & Talia Kracauer

Production Manager: Anna Smith (The Courtyard Theatre, 2019)

Production Photography: Hao-Yeh Wang (The Courtyard Theatre, 2019), Hannah-Louise Batt (Lion and Unicorn, 2020)


Lighting Design: Hannah-Louise Batt (Lion and Unicorn, 2020)

Marketing Coordinator: Faezah Zulkifli (The Lion & Unicorn Theatre, 2019)

Produced by the company. Developed with support from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

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