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Under The Influence


Aria and Sarah come from very different worlds but their mutual connection stems from a common motive: being at the top of their game. Lockdown’s hit everyone differently, and influencer Sarah thinks she can get a blog feature out of it. Aria, an actor stuck in quarantine, is desperate for exposure. When the two meet, their misconceptions about one another flare up and reveal the truth: that life can be hollow wherever you look. UNDER THE INFLUENCE explores the gaps between perception and reality. A zoom in on what happens after the ‘Zoom’ meeting ends, this film looks at the unfounded anxieties with which we confront the world, the unending struggle to present a perfect life online and the reality hidden behind the façade.


Aria: Hannah Paybarah

Sara: Issy Flower


Directed by: Antonia Georgieva

Written by: Issy Flower, Antonia Georgieva, Hannah Paybarah

Video editing: Antonia Georgieva

The Virtual Collaborators Festival has been featured in The Guardian, The Stage, Theatre Weekly.

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