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​Now relive the colossal drama of Samson & Delilah: the timeless tale where the baddest boy in the Bible's humble hairdresser cuts his ties with God, while six artists desperately search for someone to tell them what to do about it. Daughter of Hell explores what it means to have an authority figure in a space that resists authority. 'Punkt uses the biblical story of Samson & Delilah to discover for themselves... can a group of artists collectively make a piece of work without a leader?


Etcetera Theatre, London – 19 & 20 July 2019

The Yard, London – 29 August 2019

N/A: New Artists Festival, Theatre Deli, London – 21 September 2019


Abigail Hirsch, Aida Rocci, Antonia Georgieva, Faezah Zulkifli (Etcetera Theatre and The Yard, 2019), Oliver McFadden & Talia Kracauer

Production Managers: Hannah Moore (WIP Presentations, 2019) & Anna Smith

Company Mentor: Tom Hughes

Technical Assistant: Muslihah Mujtaba (Etcetera Theatre, 2019)

Production Photography: Helena Martins (Etcetera Theatre, 2019)

Marketing Coordinator: Faezah Zulkifli

Produced by the company. Developed with support from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama

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